Aung Tun – Welcome to Cetana US Board of Directors

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Aung Tun, Cetana Scholar for Study Abroad who received his BA from Suffolk University and his MA from University of Mass Boston, has joined the Cetana US Board of Directors.  He is presently with the Asia Development Bank as lesion between the Bank and the government agencies which it funds.  This is an especially important position in a situation with a new government as well as changing procedures for international finance for Myanmar. His experience as a journalist and community orgnaization give him direct insight into the lives of the people of Myanmar.

We look forward to having Aung Tun provide link between the Foundation and the social,  political and business communities in Myanmar.  He will be able to keep us abreast of developments and provide a sense of the pulse of the country in order that we may adjust to the real needs of the young people in a changing society.

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