Cetana Annual Appeal 2017

New Home in Yangon - New Vision for Cetana

In November, Cetana opened its expansive new home in downtown Yangon, a lively area that's convenient for students and teachers.

The move provides financial stability for Cetana and ensures our ability to teach English and critical thinking for many years to come. This ambitious game-changer for Cetana was funded by four generous donors.

Now it is up to YOU, a loyal friend of Cetana, to help us build on this opportunity.

First Class in Our New Home

Dear Friends of Cetana,

We are happy to have been able to fulfill a vital long term goal - a permanent home in downtown Yangon. In the midst of real estate inflation in Myanmar that equals first world capitals, we have been able to secure a ten-year lease for our spacious accommodations near Yangon's "Times Square" for $500 per month.

What an accomplishment! We are so proud.

Still, meeting our financial needs continues to be a challenge. To ensure that our programs can grow to serve the demands of the young people of Myanmar, we have set an ambitious goal for 2017 of doubling the income from last year's annual appeal. If you made a contribution in 2016, we invite you to make a substantial increase in 2017. If you havenot contributed to Cetana lately, we invite you to join us in 2017 with a contribution. You can make a real difference for Cetana's educational mission.
Your entire contribution to the Annual Appeal directly supports the Myanmar budget. Every dollar you give to our Annual Appeal helps our students in Myanmar.

With many thanks and best regards,

Chenault Spence, President

Myanmar Youth Need Your Support - Please Be Generous

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New Home in Yangon - New Vision for Cetana

With our new facilities we can serve more students.

This means that more students from financially strapped families are able to take advantage of our English language courses. These courses are the gateway to exciting career opportunities for talented students who could otherwise not afford to attend. In our third-floor location in the bustling Thein Gyi Zay market we join the prestigious Pre-Collegiate Program school to form a mini-campus. The market is also home to two highly regarded computer schools.

Cetana now has room to grow.

We can now offer Level 5 English classes for our most fluent students. With four classrooms, a spacious computer room and separate library our students enjoy an ideal learning environment. We can accommodate more young learners, and add professional classes tailored for tourism, banking and other areas where fluency in English is essential.

How YOU Can Help

In our new location, for the first time, we have reliable hi-speed internet service. But our computers need upgrades so students can access on-line teaching programs that track students' progress. We also need modern audio-visual equipment so we can present outstanding programs that help build speaking and listening skills.

Our Programs Are Essential - Please Be Generous

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As Myanmar develops democratic institutions and strengthens its role in the international community, Cetana's education programs reflect the changing needs of an increasingly prosperous Myanmar.


Building on the success of our first regional center in Kyaing Tong, we have two new centers in the start-up stage - one in Kanpelet, an isolated, mountainous village, and one in Dawei, a poor community in Myanmar's southern "tail."


Increasing the effectiveness of English teachers in the public school system is an important objective for both Cetana and the new government. For four years we've been working with English teachers, introducing modern methods for teaching a second language. In a pilot program this spring in Kanpelet, Cetana will train all its English teachers in the latest ways for teaching English as a second language.


Youngsters absorb new languages effortlessly. Our new program in Yangon to teach kids as young as nine years of age is focused to capitalize on this phenomenon. During the school year our kids come to us on weekends; during vacations we teach them English five days a week.



Young professionals who work in an international environment must have strong skills in English. Our professional training courses are directed to specific areas where English is needed: international companies, tourism, and NGOs. Business English is one of our most popular courses.


$50 Scholarship for a student for one term at Cetana's Learning Center in Yangon.
$100 Computer center operation for one month for interactive practice.
$250 Scholarship for a student for a full course of study at the Learning Center.
$500 Salary of a learning center teacher for one month.
$1,000 Training in Yangon for a teaching assistant from a regional learning center.
$12,000 Rent and utilities for one year at the downtown Yangon learning center.
$20,000 Support for a native English speaker teacher for one year.

100% of Your Appeal Contributions Supports Programs in Myanmar

Yes, I support your efforts to offer youth in Myanmar opportunities to advance their educations and careers.
Cetana is grateful for your help.

To donate securely online through PayPal, please click the "Donate" button:

Donations may also be made by check or with transfer of securities, in bequests and by other planned giving.

Please direct donation inquiries by mail or email to:
Cetana Educational Foundation
200 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10014   USA
Phone: (518) 392-8028
Email: Cetana Donations

ALL DONATIONS TO THE CETANA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Cetana is a public charity, a 501(c)(3) Foundation as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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