Career Advancement Academy

The Academy is continuing its pilot program awaiting funding for the institution of the full range of instruction. It offers a series of courses directed to building a skills base for students who want to participate in the global opportunities provided with the opening of Myanmar to the West. The Academy also offers courses that prepare students who seek to study abroad. The Academy occupies new space at our Yangon flagship school. Courses are held in the afternoon and evening and on Saturday. There is a special class for Young Learners on Saturday mornings.  Upon request, the Academy will hold classes for employees at the offices of a business or NGO.

Cetana’s well-regarded Teacher Training courses are included in the schedule of course offerings. Designed to boost teachers’ skills in teaching English, the full course has individual segments that focus on enhancing a teacher’s skills in presenting Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In the last two years the course has been given by Amy Kaufman, Cetana’s first American teacher. The 180-hour course spans 12 weeks. Participation comes from English teachers at both public and private schools.

Kids in the third and fourth grades (ages nine to twelve) now have their first chance to speak and write English. In a pilot program started last summer classes are held for three hours on Saturday mornings and on school holidays.

Cetana is pleased to be able to expand this program to additional levels in an intensive school holiday program. Students attend classes on week day mornings in an intensive program that provides solid grounding in speaking and listening. Classes will continue on weekends during the school year.

The goal is to have students fluent in English by the time they graduate from high school. As with all our programs the Cetana course of study incorporates age-appropriate critical thinking components.

Student success will be measured by the ability to pass the Cambridge-based KET English comprehension exam at the time of high school graduation. This exam evaluates achievement in both written and spoken English.

Classes are directed to students who come from families with limited financial resources. Tuition is paid by the class term but breaks down to about $1 per session.

With this new program Cetana has been able to bring these classes, modeled on the successful program in Kyaing Tong, to students in Yangon.

Professionals in the field frequently stress that the earlier a child begins to learn a second language the easier it is to learn and that fluency will be achieved more rapidly.

Tech Training Center. The facility would have state-of-the-art computers, along with high speed internet services. The computer training courses could be particularly attractive to international companies who need technologically savvy professionals. Equally, NGOs and other not-for-profit groups rely on staff with computer skills to carry out their missions. Especially for these groups, the cost of training is an important factor. Cetana’s long and successful record of teaching marketable skills at modest tuition rates makes us a logical vehicle for expanding the pool of computer literate professionals.

We wish to extend our thanks to the Myanmar Book Centre for its contribution to forming a library for the Young Learners Program of the Academy. This program has been very successful in the Cetana Center in Kyaing Tong and we are delighted that it is now an ongoing part of the Academy.


Amy Kaufman with Teacher Training class at the Academy


The Cost of supporting the Teacher Training Course for one year is $6,000.
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