Learning Centers

Teachers at Cetana’s learning centers use the latest methods for teaching English, professional writing and research skills. Importantly, teachers employ a critical thinking approach that requires rigorous interaction between students and the teacher. As students learn to freely express themselves they gain confidence in their ability to exercise independent judgments.

Cetana currently runs 2 learning centers:

Cetana Learning Center - Presentation Group

Students from English Proficiency Center presentation on research project on a field trip to Mandalay

Yangon Learning Centers»         Kyiang Tong Center»        

Yangon Learning Centers – Cetana English Proficiency Center and Cetana Academic Program for English
Cetana’s first English language program began in Yangoon in 1999. Yangon is the capital of Yangon Region, and prior to 2006, Yangon was the capital of Myanmar. Yangon is Myanmar’s largest city and is home to over five million people. As demand for English language instruction increased, we were able to provide more educational opportunities by opening the English Proficiency Center on the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) Campus.

Regional Learning Center: Kyaing Tong
Cetana has one regional learning center in the northeast Shan State in Kyaing Tong. Our teachers use the latest methods in teaching English, professional writing and research skills. Classes focus on spoken and written English, and include the development of critical thinking and analytic skills, which are particularly important in a country where the state’s pedagogy emphasizes rote and memorization.

Our Vision
In establishing new learning centers, Cetana seeks to have representation in areas where the ethnic minority Shan, Kachin, Chin, Rakhine, Mon and Karen people reside. Elements of the Cetana model include selecting teaching professionals who are native to the region and who have strong entrepreneurial instincts. We frequently strengthen teachers’ skills with advanced work in an ESL certification course in Thailand and practice teaching in our Yangon learning center.

The cost to establish a Cetana Regional Learning Center is $50,000
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